Cat Litter Box Review: Best 10 Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

If you are an ailurophile (a person who is completely smitten by cats) then you probably travel around with your cat pet a lot. I know I do. The only problem with these little adorable animals is their waste. Having to clean after their smelly “outputs” can be hectic and time consuming. It is even worse for people who work late and don’t need the stress of cleaning up after a long day at work.

After struggling with making a decision on what litter box to purchase, I finally decided on an automatic litter box. However, I was so naïve on these life saving items and didn’t want to make a mistake on what I was investing in. So I set out to search for the best automatic cat litter box in the market. I documented all my findings and comparisons here so that those of you out there looking for the same thing can have more information to help you in making this big decision.

Why Choose an Automatic Cat Litter Box?

  • Spoil your cat. – Having a cat is not an expensive as having a baby. At least that’s what I think. All these fluffy beings want from you is food, a clean bathroom and you to spoil them with love. And talking of clean bathroom, did you know that cats are actually more sensitive to smell than humans? Yes, and this means putting them in a smelly environment tempers with their emotions (again, cats have emotions) and their well being. Buying an automatic litter box is probably the best gift you could give your cat.
  • Time saver –With the daily hassles of this modern day everybody is so darn busy. Nobody wants to waste time putting up with cat litter. Most people don’t even have time to personally groom their cats. They just want to spend and have a nice time with a fresh smelling beautiful pet.
  • Hygiene – An automatic cat litter box means you don’t have to experience the filth of scooping, yet your home will always smell fresh. Non-clumping litters can no longer work for most pet owners due to the unpleasant odor often left by the clay that’s urine soaked. Having an automatic litter box means the cat’s bathroom space will always be clean, and you don’t have to be manually involved in making that happen.

Comparison Table for the best self cleaning automatic cat litter boxes


Reviews of the Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes 

10.  Catit Design SmartSift Sifting Cat Pan

Dimensions: 26.6 x 19.3 x 18.5 inches

My Rating: 4.0

This automatic cat litter box is simply a sifting pan with a pull-and-refresh system. All you need to do to empty the box is to pull the lever. When you have this box, the hassle of litter maintenance will simply be history.


  • Sealed deign that makes it have a sleek outlook
  • Has no motorized pieces
  • Automatic litter sifting can pan
  • Has a lever for scooping cat litter
  • Suitable for all cat sizes
  • It is not expensive

Mode of working

Pulling down the leaver activates a flawless, close-mouthed process that efficiently sifts the cat waste before disposing it off. All you need to do is stock replacement filters and liners.

Advantages of this product

  • It’s relatively quiet and safe to use
  • It’s cheaper than other automatic litter boxes
  • It does all the litter scooping work for you


9. Smart Scoop Automatic

Dimensions: 26.5 x 16.9 x 7.6 inches

My Rating: 4.2

This is a modernized cat box that senses the need to clean after your cat leaves the box. It will automatically scoop the cat litter, after the cat is done, and put it away into the bin. It has an activated carbon filter credited for expelling odor. For maintenance, all you will do is remove the waste bin, the rake and then slide off the motor unit.

Features of the product

  • You can use any clumping litter with it
  • All its parts are removable which helps in drying and in case you need to clean it.
  • Maintaining it is easy
  • On purchase, you are given six-months of activated carbon filters
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty
  • It effectively gets rid of odor


How it works


After your cat has done the deed, the rake will move forward and scoop the clump forward. It will them empty it into the waste bin. The bin has a no-touch waste bag that allows for easy waste disposal. You can find out more about replacement filters here.


8. Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Dimensions: 26.5 x 16.9 x 7.6 inches

My Rating: 4.3

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This automatic cat litter box will amaze you with its smart sensor feature. The smart sensor triggers the self-cleaning process to start automatically.


 Features of this product

  • It has sturdy metal gears. With a strong metallic rake design
  • It uses zeolite filters that absorb odors
  • Its deflector has been designed with a good height off the ground. So it is more hygienic as the litter will be in the box, off the floor.
  • You will not need to purchase new clumping litter if you already own one as it can use those
  • It makes 4 times less noise than other brands while in operation
  • It doesn’t use as much litter as other brands as it picks up only dirty litter
  • It is efficient in waste and odor control
  • Operating it is low cost
  • It comes with a year warranty plus a month of no touch plastic bags supply for one year


Mode of function

The unique feature of this design is the smart sensor which activates the cleaning cycle for self-clean. This design is famously known as the best automatic litter box for multiple cats. It has a close-mouthed, yet powerful motor rake that scoops the dirt for fifteen minutes after the cat leaves. Here is detailed information on litter box sprays.


7. Litter Maid LM580 Classic

Dimensions: 17.2 x 9.3 x 24.3 inches

My Rating: 4.4

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The compact design and automatic removable rake in this design is what makes it stand out from others in the market. The automatic rake activates self-cleaning of the litter box resulting in a clean box and a home that smells fresh.

Features of the product

  • Comes with detachable rake mechanism
  • It’s programming is adjustable
  • It’s ideal for households with one cat
  • It self-cleans itself thus eliminating odor
  • It’s dual-motion motion sensors are efficient in litter maintenance

How it functions

The dual motion sensors will scoop the dirt and dispose it in a disposable receptacle with carbon filters that absorb and remove the foul smells. Since it is self-cleaning, you will not be compelled into manually cleaning it. Here is more detailed information on replacement carbon filters and waste receptacles

6. Cat Genie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Dimensions: 24.5 x 19.2 x 21 inches

My Rating: 4.5

When my college classmate told me about this cat litter box, I was totally dumfounded. Why? It is the first and the only self-washing and self-flushing cat box in the market. It even has washable granules! This automatic cat litter box design blew me off my mind with its automatic wash, sanitizing and drying capabilities. It perfectly eliminates dust, odor and cat litter.

Product features

  • It uses washable granules in place of clay litter making it safe for your cat to dig into and cover itself with
  • It’s designed with a biodegradable and recyclable cartridge
  • It needs to be hooked upto cold water and electricity
  • It gives multiple activation choices
  • It flushes waste and cleans itself
  • It is ideal for one or two cats.
  • It is 100 percent dust free


How it functions

Note: You are advised to place this litter box in a bathroom with sufficient supply of cold water and where there is an electric switch.

The litter box will automatically flush off cat waste and then wash itself clean without any manual assistance. For information on washable granules and fresh scent cartridges you can click here.

5. PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean

Dimensions: 26 x 19 x 10 inches

Rating: 4.5

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This cat litter box model has a slow-moving conveyor system that cleans up waste and puts it off to a built-in waste container.

Features of the product

  • It runs on low voltage AC power adapter
  • Setting it up, using it and even cleaning it is a piece of cake
  • It works automatically and continuously
  • It uses a small amount of clumping litter
  • It is effective in bacterial and odour control
  • It is suitable for cats up to 15 lbs
  • One does not need any special bag to use it
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty


Mode of function

After the waste is sifted, it is moved to the conveyor belt from where it is dumped into the waste container. You will then need to remove the waste manually and put it into the trash to clean. Find out more on Hypo-allergenic – grain clay.


4. Litter Maid

Dimensions: 26.5 x 16.9 x 7.6 inches

My Rating: 4.6

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This litter box model is perfect for families with many cats. By simply pushing the two buttons on it, one gets to easily remove the rake. It holds 50 percent more litter than most of the other brands. This model is very easy to maintain.


Product Features

  • It is packaged with a lot of accessories. 4 sealed waste receptacles, automatic removable rake, a battery back-up, removable litter tray, and 4 carbon filters
  • The carbon filters are efficient in eliminating odour
  • It has a safety bar which halts the rake in the event of blockage
  • It’s designed with a large size and high walls
  • It can serve many cats, even those as heavy as 15 lbs
  • Setting up and cleaning is very easy


3. Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Dimensions: 27.4 x 19 x 7 inches

My Rating: 4.7

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I used this adorable cat litter box for over two years and was extremely satisfied with it. It comes with a disposable litter tray filled with crystals that absorbs odour and moisture and then dehydrates the solid. It is extremely hand-free convenient and the ultimate odour control solution.


  • It is 100% dust free
  • It has a waste component where the waste is raked into
  • It has premium blue crystals that control odour
  • It has safety sensors
  • The litter trays are disposable
  • It will not stick to your cats paws


Mode of functioning

This model has an automatic rake system that helps in cleaning the litter. The waste component is tightly sealed therefore controls odour effectively. The disposable crystal litter in the design is used for absorbing the liquid while dehydrating the solid waste. Click here to find out more on refill trays with premium blue crystals and box privacy hood.


2. Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Dimensions: 24 x 22 x 29 inches

My Rating: 4.7

I rated this automatic litter box at the top of the chart due to its 100% efficiency level. It has a weight activated sensor that triggers self-cleaning after the cat have helped itself. It also has a globe that rotates slowly during cleaning resulting in a perfect clean.


Features of this product

  • It has a large capacity drawer that it uses to deposit its waste.
  • The sifting process of this model is efficient in automatically cleaning litter and has been patented.
  • You will not have to worry about clogging and jamming problems as this model works without rakes.
  • It is considerably easy and safe to use
  • It has an in-built weight activated sensor that automatically detects when a cat enters inside.
  • When the cat leaves the component it will automatically clean itself
  • On purchase one is given a 18 month warranty


Mode of functioning

When your cat enters the box, the weight activated sensor will detect it. 7 minutes after the cat leaves, the globe will rotate slowly on a clockwise direction, sifting and separating clumps from the litter. These are then deposited in the specious capacity drawers. If you want to know more about Hypo-allergenic – grain clay, click here.


1. Litter Robot III

Dimensions: 26.8 x 24.4 x 29.1 inches

Check Latest Price Here

My Rating: 4.8

This litter-robot III open air box is the ultimate automatic cat litter box to buy. If you want something that will make your cat the envy of all other pet cats (me thinks they also get jealous) and their owners, then you have to buy this litter box. Although more prized than the others in the market, it is the greatest investment one can ever make.

It’s not just its high tech functions but also its sturdy outlook that compelled me into buying this model. And I was so impressed when Kirry agreed with my choice, she absolutely loves it. Read our Litter Robot Review here.


  • It uses any type of clumping litter
  • It is specious and therefore can be used by multiple cats
  • It has a night light feature
  • It’s automatic self cleaning starts to work seven minutes after the cat leaves
  • It is designed to eliminate foul smell
  • It is considerably easy to use and clean


Ultimately, the most important consideration when choosing a cat litter box, automatic or manual, is the wellbeing of your cat. If you invest in a litter box that your cat will take forever to acclimatize to you will always be frustrated. An automatic cat litter box is definitely a good direction to take. Not only will your cat fall in love with one but it will also give back value for the money. Check out our review of pet cameras so you can leave your pets at home in peace!







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