Finding a Reputable Border Collie Breeder

Looking for professional Border Collie breeders in your area? Read on to find out how to choose the right breeder.

Unfortunately, not everybody is honest and sincere when it comes to dog breeding. Since there is high demand for puppies, some people take advantage of the demand to profit from unsuspecting victims. If you are looking to adopt or buy a Border Collie puppy, make sure that the dog breeder is straightforward and cares for the puppies they breed.

A reputable dog breeder should have happy and healthy puppies as opposed to “puppy mills”. Before you begin looking at the puppies on sale, take time to talk to the breeder and find out as much as you can from them. This way, you can be sure you will be buying your puppy from the right dog breeder.

Finding the Right Dog Breeder

The following are some clues you can use to help you find the right person to buy a Border Collie puppy from.

  • The dog breeder should ask you a lot of questions – If the breeder really cares about their puppies, they won’t just give them to anyone. They’ll ask you questions about your home and what you expect and want of your dog. This shouldn’t make you nervous because they are simply trying to ensure that the dog ends up with the right person.
  • The dog breeder only breeds Border Collies – If the breeder is breeding different kinds of dogs, keep off. Breeding different dog breeds is a sign that the person is running a puppy mill. A good and experienced dog breeder will only have at least two kinds of different breeds.
  • The breeder is a member of a Border Collie dog club – Most reputable dog breeders have show dogs and associate themselves with a certain dog clubs. If the breeder is a member of a Border Collie club, find out if they have someone who can vouch for them. This won’t be a problem if the breeder has a good reputation with other club members.
  • The dog breeder has a waiting list – This is a good way of knowing that you found the right Border Collie breeder. Having a waiting list shows that they don’t breed their dogs very often and that the puppies they have are genuine and are in high demand.

Where to Get a Good Dog Breeder

Finding a good dog breeder is only a step further from the battle. You will also have to know where you can find a good breeder. Below are some good sources you can use to find a happy and healthy puppy to purchase.

  • Look for registered Border Collie organizations – Though most Border Collie organizations are more apprehensive about dog shows, they can help you find a good breeder. Most of the members often breed their dogs. This is the best place to find good dog breeders.
  • Find out where other Border Collie owner got their puppies from – If you know other Border Collie owners, find out where they bought their puppies from. If they are happy and satisfied with their dogs, they won’t hesitate to recommend their dog breeder.
  • Check the classifieds – Whether the newspaper or online, make sure you are careful with the kind of breeder you choose. Do a thorough background check and find out if the breeder is reputable or not.

Warning Signs When Evaluating Border Collie Breeders

The following are some warning signs you should check when looking for a good dog breeder. The signs show that a breeder fall under either breeding for pure profit or puppy mills with no regard for the well-being and health for the puppies.

  • Puppies are available for sale throughout the year – If the breeder always has puppies for sale, then it means that they may either be overbreeding or have a large number of females giving birth. If this is so, then the breeder is clearly more interested in conducting a “business” for breeding puppies for pure profit.
  • Breeder owns special kennels meant for breeding puppies – Puppies that grow in the house and are always around people are bound to be more social and healthier than the ones that are caged outside.
  • The breeder has a number of popular dog breeds – Popular dog breeds normally make a lot of money for their breeders. If the breeder has a number of the popular breeds, then they are a puppy mill.
  • The breeder sells their puppies without asking the buyers questions – This is an indication that the breeder does not care much about the puppies they breed. They are only breeding puppies because it’s a good source of income. This is not the kind of person you want to buy you puppy from.

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