Border Collie Clicker Training

Most professional dog trainers use a clicker to train dogs. Have you ever wondered why they do this and how effective it is? We’re going to discuss the importance of using a clicker for Border Collie training and how it works.

Why Border Collie Clicker Training Works

Why would your Collie be motivated to perform a particular task just because it heard a clicking sound? This may seem silly but when you really think about it, the clicking sound seems to motivate your dog into taking action. However, your dog is not necessarily being motivated by the click sound.

When a dog trainer begins clicker training, they also reward the Border Collie using treats. This means each time the dog does the right thing, they will be given a treat and at the same time the trainer presses the clicker.

If the trainer continues using this method, then the dog will start associating the clicking sound with the treat. And we all know everyone loves getting rewards. As time goes by, the dog will find the clicks to be as rewarding as the treats, even when there are none. This feeling is what will continue motivating the Border Collie to continue learning new things and to perform tricks.

Benefits of Border Collie Clicker Training

If you’re wondering if clicker training is good for your Border Collie, there are various benefits of the method. However, the benefits may not be beneficial to everyone. Clicker training is normally worth it if you’re planning on spending a lot of time training or teaching your Collie a lot of tricks. Otherwise, you can simply use treats when training your dog since they’ll do the job.

The good thing about having a clicker trained Border Collie is that you won’t need to use treats every time you teach him a new trick. This comes in handy especially if your Collie is a bit overweight and you’ve been trying to diet him.

Spending a lot of time outside with your dog can also be helpful. Carrying treats wherever you go can be inconvenient and messy. However, having a clicker is good because it is small and can easily fit on your keychain.

Generally, clickers are quite useful tools for Border Collie training. However, they aren’t really a necessity. If you don’t mind giving your dog treats when teaching him new tricks, then you don’t really need to get a clicker.

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