Border Collie Crate (House) Training

Looking for Border Collie crate training tips? This article is for you.

Training your Collies not to poop or pee in the house should be done at an early age, when they are still puppies. This is if you wouldn’t want to have a dog with the habit of going potty in the living room or any other part of the house it wants.

You should make it clear to the dog that the only place they are allowed to go to the bathroom is outside. Since Border Collies are intelligent dogs, they learn very quickly. This is especially when you use the right approach to show them what is right and what is wrong.

The same methods of house training your Border Collie apply, no matter if it’s just a stubborn puppy or an adult. The same methods will work on both. The only difference is that adult dogs are already accustomed to particular habits. Therefore, it may take longer to house train them.

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Border Collie Crate Training Tips

Everybody is aware of the basic ideas on how to house train your Border Collie. However, there are still a lot of people struggling with it. The following are some quick and easy dog house training methods you can follow:

  • Take your Collie puppy outside as often as possible. This is a very effective method of preventing your Border Collie from peeing in the house. If the dog is used to doing his business outside, he won’t have the desire of going potty in the house. Make a habit of taking your Collie outside for a walk at least 15-20 minutes after every meal, four to five times during the day.
  • Reward your dog for going potty outside. Collies love getting positive feedback. Make sure you give him the kind of feedback he is expecting. Praise your Border Collie for peeing outside instead of doing it on the bed or sofa. This will make him feel good about being a “good boy” and motivate him to continue going outside to do his business.
  • Catch him in the act. Catching your dog while he’s going potty is one of the best ways to make him stop the habit. Don’t yell or shout at your Collie because he doesn’t really know what to do. Instead pick him up and take him outside. Even if the dog is making you clean up after them, you’ll be teaching him that he should not go potty in the house. This will save you from cleaning his poo and pee in the future. Training your Collie to go potty outside is the best way to prevent this from happening.
  • Always clean up the mess. Although you may not be leaving doggy poo or pee on the floor after your Collie has finished his business, there is a chance that you might have left some residue odor without knowing. Since dogs have a better sense of smell than humans, the odor reminds them of the spot they went potty on in the house and chances are that they might do it again. Get yourself a urine odor remover solution from the pet store. They are good for removing poo and pee odor.

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House-Training With a Crate

The most popular training housebreaking method for dogs is crate training. The idea behind crate training is that your Collie will not want to soil where he sleeps. This will make the dog more inclined to wait to go potty during walks.

Although this method has worked for many people, it is not the most ideal solution. The method leaves your dog sitting in his crate for long periods of time with limited freedom to play and run around.

Follow the above house-training tips before settling for crate training.

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