Importance of a Healthy Border Collie Diet

What is the right Border Collie diet for your puppy or senior friend? Read on to find out.

When it comes to your Border Collie’s health, one of the main factors to consider is his diet. A well balanced and healthy meal will help improve your Collie’s mood, energy and health. This will, in turn, extend their life expectancy. The problem with most dog foods available in the market is that they are of poor quality.

Many dog food manufactures put a lot of artificial additives. These additives need to be bleached to be free of disease and bacteria. The manufacturers get away with selling such food to the public because it is only dog food. This makes the standards that qualify it as “food” very questionable.

That is not all.

For the food to be preserved, the manufacturers must put additive and preservative. Most additives and preservatives used on dog food are known to cause cancer and other health difficulties. However, since manufacturers claim that they only add “very small amounts that cannot have any effect”, they get away with it. Their claims may not be true because cancer has been found to be the number one cause for death of dogs over the age of ten years.

Be careful with the food you feed your Border Collie. Make sure that it is of high quality and has very little fillers, additives and preservatives. It is even be a better if you cook for your Border Collie at home. The food will need to be well balanced as well as have all the required nutrients for your dog’s health and proper growth.

Benefits of a Healthy and Balanced Diet for Your Border Collie

  • Good Mood – Your Border Collie will feel better during the day only if he is fed high quality food. He will be more playful, energetic and happier if his diet has all the required nutrients.
  • Shiny and Healthy Coat – Excessive shedding can sometimes be caused by a poor diet. If you feed your Border Collie with the right food, you’ll notice that his coat will become shinier. The Collie will also look a lot healthier.
  • Fewer Health Problems – If your Collie is always sick and your vet expenses are quite high, it could possibly be caused by the kind of food you are feeding him. If your dog has a poor diet, his body will have a difficult time fighting bacteria and other diseases.
  • Improved learning and Better memory – Your dog’s diet plays a major role in his ability to learn new skills and tricks as well as remembering them. A well balanced and nutritious meal will help improve your Collie’s memory, making it easier for you to train him.

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