How to Stop Border Collie Disobedience Problems

The main thing you should understand as a dog owner is that Border Collie disobedience challenges don’t just start from nowhere. It takes time for a dog to develop bad habits and the earlier you notice the problem, the easier it’ll be to deal with it.

If your Collie has been developing bad disobedience habits over a long period of time, don’t lose hope. There are a number of things you can do to correct your Collie’s disobedience difficulties. If you would like to know more about Border Collie behavior, care and training, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

Learn about the methods you can use to stop Border Collie Disobedience Problems

One way of handling your Collie’s disobedience problems is by motivating it with praise, even if it seems to be cuddling. Whether it’s a game or a treat, make sure that your Collie is entertained and don’t forget to praise him when he does good things. Avoid being angry or yelling at your dog.

Common Border Collie Disobedience Problems

The following is a list of common disobedience problems you may experience with your Border Collie:

  • General Disobedience (link)
  • Puppy Biting (link)
  • Destructive Chewing (link)
  • Going Potty indoors (link)
  • Leash Pulling (link)

A lot of dog owners begin having disobedience difficulties with their Collie puppies once they reach puberty. Although this may seem funny, but the dog is still a kid. Dogs can sometimes become quite disobedient when they get to a certain age. Since you cannot compete with your Collie’s speed, you’ll have to apply other skills.

When Border Collies reach adolescent, they often stop being impressed or bothered by their owner’s angry voice and attitude. The best way to deal with him is to catch him in the act because as you already know the dog is becoming disobedient. This will help to enforce obedience and show him that he is undermining your authority.

Border Collies Need Positive Reinforcement

Don’t chase after your Collie or yell at him. Instead, let him get used to the fact that you will be praising and rewarding him every time he does something good. Know your Collie’s favorite treat and source of joy (it may be his favorite game, snack or chew toy) and always use it to reward him.

Avoid punishing your Collie for not following your orders. This is because punishing is likely to confuse your dog and he might thing that you are mean. Your goal should not be to achieve fear in the form of punishment, but get respect and love from your Collie so that he will be obeying and listening to you.

Remember, a huge part to controlling dog disobedience problems is by being positive, exercising with your dog and not neglecting him when he needs to play or run. Generally, make sure you are taking good care of your Collie puppy the way it needs to be taken care of. This will make him a happy, smart and obedient dog.

If you are a Border Collie owner, make sure you check out the Border Collie Owners Guide. This is a great way of knowing exactly what you have to do get a healthy, obedient and happy dog that you will be proud of.

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