Positive Border Collie Obedience Training

Every Border Collie owner would like their dog to be obedient and well behaved. If your dog is always digging, biting, chewing or messing up the house, it will be a big burden. This is why Border Collie dog obedience training is very important. The best part about obedience training for Border Collies is that it’s very easy if you know how to do it.

Say you’ve joined a league and researched everything you could about softball, but there’s one lingering question: what to do with your pooch while at the game? Things will be easier if your Collie can follow some basic commands. This means you should train your Border Collie.

Unless you are adopting an adult Collie that was trained in the past, you don’t need to put much effort into your dog’s obedience and house training. You don’t want to have a disobedient hooligan dog  living in your home.

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border collie playing with ballA lot of dog owners do not train their Collies to be obedient and then end up wondering why their dogs are not listening to them, obeying orders and are always causing mayhem. Though Border Collies are intelligent dogs, they don’t have natural instincts to know what to bite and chew or what they are allowed to touch.

As a Border Collie owner, you are lucky because the breed is very energetic and intelligent. Therefore, your dog will need somewhere to play and run around. If you haven’t taught him not to chew the sofa and other belongings other than his toys, he will use the energy to spoil your things.

Remember that Border Collies have herding instincts. So, do not be surprised when your dog becomes manipulative if you haven’t provided proper house and obedience training.

Start Positive Border Collie Obedience Training Early

It is important to begin obedience training for your dog at an early age. A dog is never too old to be taught new tricks. However, it will be a lot easier to teach him good habits when they are still young. Another reason for you to begin training your Collie at an early age is that he can be easily encouraged to adapt bad behavior without you even realizing what is happening.

Since your Border Collie is constantly learning and watching what you do, all your actions can encourage or discourage his behavior. This is why it is important for you to know how to handle a disobedient Border Collie.

Tips for Border Collie Obedience Training

If you would like your Border Collie to be obedient and well-trained, it’s important to ensure he understands you. Although Border Collies are intelligent dogs, they unfortunately are not born already-trained. You have to teach them obedience and good habits through training.

If you follow all the proper aspects of obedience training, your Border Collie will not embarrass you or cause any problems. Instead, he will respect and listen to you.

Below are some of the tips for Border Collie obedience training.

  • Teach your dog only one new trick at a time
  • Always ensure that the training sessions are fun
  • Exercise patience with your Collie, even when things become frustrating
  • Keep the training session short
  • Always reward your Collie when he behaves well (give treats, praise him or both)
  • Don’t hit your Collie when he disobeys you. This will never resolve anything
  • Be consistent



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