Border Collie Training Mistakes

Most dog owners wonder about the right training methods to use that will be effective for their Border Collies. This article outlines some of the most common training mistakes that should be avoided while training your Border Collie. For more information about good training methods for Border Collies, check out this page.

Common Border Collie Training Mistakes

The following is a list of some of the common training mistakes dog owners make while training their Border Collies:

  • Mistaking playfulness or excitement for dominant behavior – Dominant or aggressive behavior in dogs is a very serious issue. However, sometimes owners confuse such behavior with simple playfulness or excitement. Before you start solving problems, figure out if your Border Collie is growling/ barking at you because he has dominance issues or is simply trying to play. Every problem has its own solution.
  • Confusing your Border Collie’s herding instincts to something else – Border Collies were originally bred to be herding dogs. Because of this, they have good herding instincts. Your Collie will sometimes get the urge to herd humans.
  • Punishing or shouting at your dog long after misbehaving – Unless you’ve caught your Border Collie in the act of doing something wrong like chewing the sofa, being stern with him will not have any effect. If you begin shouting at your dog, it will only confuse him because he doesn’t know why you are shouting. Keep in mind that dogs cannot associate your frustration with the mistake they made.
  • Being inconsistent – Consistency is a very vital aspect when it comes to training a Border Collie. Some dog owners tend to forget this and try to make different house rules depending on their mood. For instance, when they are in a good mood, they allow the dog to sit on the couch and when they are in a bad mood, the dog is not allowed to go anywhere near the couch. Avoid doing this because it will only confuse your dog. Make sure that you’re always consistent.
  • Scolding your Border Collie for misbehaving after calling him over – If you’re planning to scold your Collie for misbehaving, don’t call him over to where you are. This will make him stop coming over to you because he will associate the command “come” with a punishment or scolding.
  • Hitting or being abusive with your dog – Although this is not a very common mistake, some owners who still practice punishment-based dog training. Correction and punishment are two different things. Correcting bad behavior will show your dog that he is doing the wrong thing while punishment will only make the dog fear you. Since you want your dog to do the right thing, correct him. Don’t punish him.

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