Top Border Collie Training Tips

Want to start training your Border Collie puppy? Here are three important Border Collie training tips that will make your work easier.

Whether the Border Collie you just bought is a puppy or you would like to teach your older dog some new tricks, it is important to train him the proper way. This article will give you the dos and don’ts of Border Collie training.

Right Age to Train a Border Collie

Most people wonder about the right age at which they should begin training a Border Collie. The right age actually depends on the kind of dog training you want. If you want to train the Border Collie on some basic house rules or would like fix a prevailing obedience problem, the sooner you begin the better.

However, if your aim is to train your puppy on some new simple tricks, the best time to do this is when he is three months old. If you intend to teach your dog something a little more challenging, you will have to wait until understand your commands. This will be when the dog is around five or six months of age.

Border Collie Obedience Training

Obedience training refers to training your Border Collie to follow house rules as well as teaching the dog him how to behave in social situations and at home. Things such as socializing and house training fall under this category.

Correcting challenging disobedience problems as well as preventing behavioral difficulties at an early age is the main purpose for obedience training. This is done by first creating your character as the “Alpha dog”, leader of the group. From there, you can proceed to either correct bad behavior or teach new rules.

Border Collie Trick Training

After assuming your role as the alpha dog and your Border Collie has mastered the house rules, you may need to take the training a step further. The best way of doing this is by introducing trick training. Trick training is a good way of giving the dog mental exercise (which help sprevent boredom) and building the dog’s confidence. The training is also a good way of showing off a well-behaved dog to your family and friends.

If you are interested in teaching new tricks to your Border Collie, it is recommended to begin with small and easy tricks such as “come” and “sit”. If you are successful in teaching the dog these tricks, both you and your Border Collie will be motivated to try on little more interesting tricks such as “roll-over” and “play dead”.

Tips for Successful Border Collie Training

The following tips are essential for both trick training and obedience training. They will help in speeding up the duration it takes to train a Border Collie. Note that you must follow all the tips for easy and fast results.

  1. Get your Collie’s full Attention: If you want your Border Collie to learn anything, ensure that you have his full attention. You cannot anticipate a classroom full of children to learn anything if they are not paying attention to what their teacher is saying. Similarly, you should not expect your dog to learn or listen to what you are teaching him without getting his attention. Pick a place and time with minimum disruptions to begin training the dog. If possible eliminate as much disruptions as you can.
  2. Use Positive Reinforcement: Border Collies normally learn well through encouragement rather than punishment. Make sure to always reward good behavior. You can either use treats or simply praise the dog. This is the best way of showing your dog that they are doing the right thing and motivating him to do the “right” thing again.
  3. Always be Consistent: When training your Border Collie and would like to make things clear, be consistent. Avoid changing the names you use for commands, for instance, “sit down” to “sit”. Instead, choose one word and stick to it. If you are teaching your Border Collie to stay off furniture or other parts of the house, you should also be consistent with it. Don’t confuse the dog by letting it get on the couch on certain days and not allowing him on other days. By doing this, you are slowing down your progress in training the Border Collie.

Successful Border Collie Obedience Training

When most people hear the words “Border Collie”, they tend to think of Lassie. Since Lassie was a very obedient Border Collie, she became very popular among dog owners.

One of the most common questions every dog owner asks themselves is “how will I get my Border Collie to obey me?” This question can be answered using the techniques outlined below:

Schedule a Routine

This may seem strange at first, but Border Collies need to have a consistent schedule. They also notice when their schedule is broken. Therefore, ensure that the schedule you plan for your dog coincides with yours.

Some Border Collie owners who prefer walking their dogs in the morning, let them play with friends and family while they are away from home, and when they come back they will play with their dog some more. Normally, “play time” includes fetch, tug of war or simply running around the yard. Make sure you include training time so that your Border Collie can learn basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down and quiet. If you want to see positive change in your Border Collie, the routine should be consistent.

Mental Stimulus

Border Collies are known to be a very intelligent breed. Therefore, they require consistent mental stimulation. This doesn’t mean that you can just give your dog a chew toy or bone and walk away. You’ll have to take him for walks regularly and spend time playing with him. When Border Collies are left alone for a long period of time, they’ll find ways to stimulate the minds. This is how often end up destroying things in the house.

Lots of Patience

The worst thing you can do as a Border Collie owner is to become angry and frustrated at your dog. Border Collies are like babies; just like every other dog. They require a lot of care and attention. All dogs need to be disciplined accordingly. However, don’t rush to discipline your Collie when all he needs is some attention. If you show a dog that you love him, he’ll love you back.

Border Collies are happy and willing to learn new things. They like being mentally stimulated. If you’re looking to train your Border Collie, begin with the steps outlined above. They steps are effective and will help your Collie to grow and mature into an obedient and happy companion.

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