Border Collie Training

Border Collie Training

Whether you have just brought your Border Collie home for the first time or have finally decided to teach your dog some new tricks, this article will give you the 101 details on Border Collie training. Most people wonder about the right age at which they should start training their dogs. What they don’t know is that this solely depends on the kind of training they are thinking about.


If you are thinking about training your Collie some basic tricks, house rules or would like to fix an already existing obedience problem, it is advisable to start the training at an early age. However, if you are looking to teach your Collie puppy some new simple tricks, the best time to do this is when he is at least three months old.

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Border Collie Puppy Training

You probably just brought home a new Border Collie puppy and are wondering how to train it. Lucky enough, the best time to begin training a dog is when they are still puppies.

Since Border Collies are known to be smart, athletic and very energetic, training your dog will be an easy task. The first thing to do is to teach your dog how to obey commands such as “sit down” and “roll over”. Make sure that you don’t change the commands because it will only confuse the dog.

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Border Collie Disobedience Problems

The first thing to understand when it comes to Border Collie disobedience challenges is that just don’t begin from nowhere. It takes time for a Collie to develop bad behavior. The sooner you recognize it, the easier it’ll be for you to correct the situation.

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Aggression in Border Collies

Generally, this is not a common trait amongst Border Collies. However, it can sometimes occur. The reasons and causes behind your Collie’s barking, growling and even biting depends on the kind of situation that the dog is in.

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Border Collie Name Ideas

If you need ideas on how to come up with a good name for your Border Collie, there are sites that offer the best suggestions and tips for names. They will not only give you great ideas on how to name your Collie but also help you come up with a suitable and less confusing name.

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Border Collie Puppy Biting

Most people who own a puppy can testify that at some point, they have had some experience with this particular challenge. You will notice the biting problem when you are playing with your puppy. At some point in the game, the Collie may become very excited and bites you. This can also be noticed when you are playing outside, running and your Collie is chasing you and biting your legs.

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Border Collie Dominance Problems

There are a number of signals you should watch out for in case you are suspecting that your Collie is developing some dominance issues. If your dog has some of the mentioned behavioral habits, it doesn’t mean that he has dominance problems. Sometimes people can easily confuse a dog’s dominance problems with his normal behavior. Don’t jump into conclusions.

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