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Picking a Border Collie Leash and Collar

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Whether you are purchasing a collar and leash for the first time or would simply like to replace the old ones, you should know what would suit you best. Read on for the different kinds of leashes and collars to make your search a lot easier.

Choosing the Perfect Border Collie Collar

There are various kinds of dog collars. However, we are only going to outline the main ones. These are the most common ones used by dog owners and can easily be found on the shelves of any pet store.

  • Regular Collar – This is collar looks like a simple belt buckle that you have probable seen on most dogs. The collars are very popular because they work exactly as they are expected to (but only when used properly). This type of collar can also be found in a variety of colors, materials and patterns, depending with what you like. If you’re going to settle for this collar, you would rather pick a double rolled leather one. The color will last longer than most of the other collars.
  • Metal Prong Collar – This type of collar looks similar to a medieval torture contraption instead of a dog collar. The main purpose behind the collar is to discourage the dog from pulling on the leash because when it pulls, the prongs will poke its neck. This is not the best leash for training your Border Collie. You’d rather go for the choke chain collar.
  • Harness – This is really not a dog collar, but it serves basically the same purpose. Some dog owners prefer using a harness to a collar because it doesn’t cause any pressure on the Collie’s neck once it begins pulling on the leash. If you would like to try something new or your dog has breathing problem or a sensitive neck, this collar will be perfect. Otherwise, if your Border Collie is trained a regular leash and collar would do just fine.
  • Choke Chain Collar – Don’t go for this type of collar unless you absolutely must. Avoid this collar, especially if your dog constantly pulls on the leash. But if you can’t hold on to your Border Collie, this is the perfect collar to use when training him to stop pulling on the leash. The downside of using a choke collar is that they can really be dangerous to your dog, especially with prolonged use.

Choosing the Perfect Leash

When you have the perfect training collar for your Border Collie, you can now begin searching for the perfect leash. Below are some of the kinds of leashes available in the market:

  • Leather/Nylon Leash: This type of leash is perfect for taking your Border Collie for walks. The material used to make it is strong enough to withstand a dog with the habit of pulling. However, if you’re fond of leaving your Border Collie in the yard without supervision, this isn’t the kind of leash you should go for. Given enough time, a dog can easily chew through the material until it is free.
  • Retractable Dog Leash: This leash allows you to add or reduce the length with just a simple button. So when you’re in the park and would like to give your Border Collie more room, you can extend the leash up to twenty-five feet, compared to the seven feet on regular leashes. If you decide to get a retractable leash, go for a high quality one.
  • Metal Chain Leash: This leash is strong and cannot be chewed through like leather/nylon leashes. If you would like to leave your Border Collie in the yard unsupervised but chained, this is the best leash for you. The metal chain leash is decent and can be used for frequent walks to the park.
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