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5 Border Collie Obedience Training Tips for Your Dog

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Border Collies are known to be one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. The dogs are very perceptive and learn things quickly. Border Collies are very intelligent. They can know the exact things they can get away with as well as those that can make them get into trouble. These are some of the reasons that make it absolutely necessary for a Border Collie owner to remain consistent with teaching and training their dogs to listen to them.

The following are some vital tips on how to train an obedient and healthy Border Collie.

  1. Enforcement

Don’t ever make the mistake of introducing a command to your Border Collie that you don’t intend to continue using. For instance, don’t ask your Border Collie to stop eating things out of the garbage can when you’re not going to go to where he is and make him stop doing it.

  1. Quiet Authority

Desist from using a loud voice when giving commands to your Border Collie. Your intention is for your voice to carry out authority without being aggressive and loud. Moreover, your Border Collie will respond well to commands without you having to raise your voice at them. Raising your voice is not good because it may cause your Border Collie to develop dominant and aggressive issues. This will make your dog not listen to you because he’ll start viewing himself as the “Alpha dog”.

  1. Positivity Over Negativity

If possible, try applying positive reinforcement over negative reinforcement. Using positive reinforcement will make your Border Collie obey your commands out of affection rather than fear. This will also reduce your Border Collie’s stress levels, leaving you with a happy and healthy companion.

  1. Less is More

When giving a command to your Border Collie, use very few words as possible. For instance, instead of telling him “go to the backyard” you could simply say “back”. Or instead of commanding your Collie to “sit down” you can just say “sit”. Using many words will only confuse your Border Collie and he may end up not knowing what to do.

  1. Get them When Still Young

The best and most effective way to train your Border Collie is by doing it when he is still a young puppy. Border Collies are intelligent dogs and can also be taught new things as adults. However, if you wait for a long time, you will end up dealing with the bad habits they have been picking over the years. A Border Collie puppy will learn your commands and tricks faster than an adult would.

The above tips have been proven to be very effective over and over. The tips don’t work for Border Collies only, but also all kinds of dogs. Use the tips the next time you plan on training your Border Collie.

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