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Stop Border Collie Jumping on Furniture

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stop border collie jumping on furniture

Some dog owners are not comfortable with their Border Collie always jumping on furniture, leaving their hair everywhere on the sofa and bed. There are others who don’t mind sleeping with their dogs in the same bed. If you don’t like your dog jumping on furniture, we’ll help stop this bad and annoying habit.

Why Your Border Collie Jumps on Furniture

Your Border Collie prefers sleeping on the couch because it is more comfortable than the floor. The softness of the mattress makes it a no-brainer, making your dog to jump on the bed when you’re away.

The other reason why your Border Collie might be jumping on furniture is because you have allowed him to do so from when he was a little puppy. The dog may now think that it is okay and not a big deal to jump on furniture.

If your dog climbs on your bed when you’re away, he is probably doing so because he is lonely and the bed seems to remind him of your presence.

How to Stop Your Collie from Jumping on Furniture

The first thing to do is to make sure your Border Collie doesn’t get on the furniture when you’re not around. If you decide that your dog isn’t allowed to get on your bed, stick to that decision. Don’t let him get on the bed once in a while when you need someone soft to cuddle with. This rule doesn’t have any exceptions.

Also, make sure that your Border Collie has a very comfortable bed. The bed should also be located where people won’t disturb or bother the dog when he wants to get away and sleep peacefully. This will make it easier for your Collie to stop jumping on furniture and get used staying on his spot.

If your Collie seems to be getting on furniture because he misses you, simply put one of your towels or blankets on his bed. This will remind him about you when you’re away from home. Be careful though; if whatever you put on his bed appears to be yummy, he’ll end up chewing it.

Border Collies are intelligent dogs and they learn new tricks and commands fast. So, you shouldn’t have any problems trying to stop your pet from jumping on the sofa or bed. The earlier you begin teaching your dog to stop jumping on furniture, the faster he’ll learn to stop doing it.

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