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Stop Border Collie Jumping on People

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If you own a dog that is always jumping on guests or other people, the behavior can be quite embarrassing and even annoying at times. If your Border Collie is well trained, then it knows jumping on people is not the proper way to behave.

Why Your Border Collie Jumps on You

If your dog always jumps on you when you come home from work, this probably means that he is excited to sees you. This may happen even if you were not gone for a long time. Your Border Collie may be seated by the door waiting for you to come back.

This kind of excitement/love is the reason why most people prefer having dogs as pets. Only a dog would be waiting at the door to greet you as if you have been away for more than ten years but in reality you were gone for only 30 minutes.

Why Border Collie Jumps on Guests

Your Border Collie may always jumps on you because he missed you. This makes sense. But why does he jump on random people he has never met before or even strangers? If your Border Collie jumps on your friends or house guests, he is probably doing it out of excitement.

Your Collie simply would like to get closer to the person so that he can smell their scent and show them how happy he is to see them. If you haven’t trained your dog, he will not know that “greeting” other people by jumping on them is not polite. So, he’ll continue acting this way

How to Stop Border Collie Jumping on People

If your Border Collie is always jumping on guests despite having being trained, use the following tips to deal with this problem:

  1. Whenever you return home from work, make sure you ignore your dog until he is calm. If your Collie jumps around when you come back home, he is only trying to get your attention. By yelling “stop” to your dog, he is getting the attention he wants. If you ignore your Collie until he calms down, he’ll learn that jumping on you when come back home will not get him anything.
  2. Reward your Border Collie for being calm – When your Border Collie starts jumping around, get him to calm down by siting and staying. Once he is calm, give him a treat or praise him for his actions. This will show your dog that being calm is more rewarding than jumping around for attention.
  3. Tell your visitors to ignore your dog whenever they come to your house – The faster your Collie learns that jumping will not get them what they want, the faster you’ll be able to solve the jumping problem. Make sure that every body at home and all visitors abide by this tip. Don’t forget that consistency is good for successful dog training.
  4. Don’t make it seem like leaving and coming home is a big deal – Most dog owners are fond of giving long “hellos” and “goodbyes”. This will only cause your dog to be anxious. Each time you do it, your Collie will assume that it’s a big deal and it’s okay for him to become excited over it.



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