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Top Border Collie Training Tips

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border collie training tips

When most people hear the words “Border Collie”, they tend to think of Lassie. Since Lassie was a very obedient Border Collie, she became very popular among dog owners. One of the most common questions every dog owner asks themselves is “how will I get my Border Collie to obey me?” This question can be answered using the techniques outlined below:

  1. Schedule a Routine

This may seem strange at first, but Border Collies need to have a consistent schedule. They also notice when their schedule is broken. Therefore, ensure that the schedule you plan for your dog coincides with yours.

Some Border Collie owners who prefer walking their dogs in the morning, let them play with friends and family while they are away from home, and when they come back they will play with their dog some more. Normally, “play time” includes fetch, tug of war or simply running around the yard. Make sure you include training time so that your Border Collie can learn basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down and quiet. If you want to see positive change in your Border Collie, the routine should be consistent.

  1. Mental Stimulus

Border Collies are known to be a very intelligent breed. Therefore, they require consistent mental stimulation. This doesn’t mean that you can just give your dog a chew toy or bone and walk away. You’ll have to take him for walks regularly and spend time playing with him. When Border Collies are left alone for a long period of time, they’ll find ways to stimulate the minds. This is how often end up destroying things in the house.

  1. Lots of Patience

The worst thing you can do as a Border Collie owner is to become angry and frustrated at your dog. Border Collies are like babies; just like every other dog. They require a lot of care and attention. All dogs need to be disciplined accordingly. However, don’t rush to discipline your Collie when all he needs is some attention. If you show a dog that you love him, he’ll love you back.

Border Collies are happy and willing to learn new things. They like being mentally stimulated. If you’re looking to train your Border Collie, begin with the steps outlined above. They steps are effective and will help your Collie to grow and mature into an obedient and happy companion.

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