Is Your Dog Leaking Urine All of a Sudden?

Is your dog leaking urine all of a sudden? Read on to find out the causes and solutions of this problem.

No Border Collie owner likes cleaning up their dog’s pee after every few minutes. Unfortunately, this is something that may happen even after you have house trained your dog. If your Collie is urinating often, figure out why this urination problem is happening before taking care of the situation.

Dog Leaking Urine All of a Sudden (What to Do)

Don’t deny you dog water assuming that he is urinating frequently because he is drinking a lot of water. If your Collie is suffering from a Urinary Tract infection, you’ll be dehydrating him if you deny him water. Make sure that there is always a fresh bowl of water for your dog to drink.

Border Collie Puppy Urinating Too Much

At an early age, most puppies don’t have the ability to control their pee like adult dogs can. So, don’t worry so much if your Collie puppy is peeing frequently when he is young. With time, he will learn to hold his need to go potty.

Urinating is one of the reasons why most dog owners make sure that their Border Collies are house trained. However, some dog owners assume that since older dogs only need pee two or three times a day, even Border Collie puppies can hold their pee for as long before needing to relieve themselves. If you wait too long to walk your young puppy, he will definitely pee in the house.

Male Border Collie Urinating a Lot

It is known that male dogs mark their territory by peeing on everything that is theirs. This is how other dogs will know that a certain spot is taken. If your male Collie is not trained well, his urination issues could be happening because he is simply marking his territory. The easiest way of solving this issue is by neutering your Collie.

If you either can’t do so or don’t want to neuter your Border Collie, be more consistent with house training him. This will help him he is not allowed to pee in the house and can only mark territories when he is outside.

Border Collie Urinary Tract Infection

If your Border Collie gets the need to pee after every 60 to 90 minutes, he probably has a urinary tract infection (UTI). Take your Collie for a check up to a vet so that he can confirm whether he has an infection or not. If your Collie has a UTI. The vet will prescribe some antibiotics to cure the infection.

UTIs can happen to both female and male dogs. However, they are common in female dogs. The infection occurs because there is some bacteria in the dog’s urinary tract that causes the infection. If your Collie’s urine has appears to be cloudy and has very strong smell, there is a high chance he has an infection.

A bowl of fresh water is very important for your dog especially if they have a Urinary Tract Infection. If your Border Collie drinks a lot of water, it will help in getting rid of the infection faster and your Collie will be better within no time.

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