How to Teach a Border Collie to Speak

Most dog owners think that training their Border Collies to speak on command will promote unnecessary barking. However, speaking on commands actually help to keep a dog’s barking under control. By training your Border Collie to speak on command, you’re making it clear about when you want him to howl or bark.

Having control over when your dog gets to bark is a good way of allowing him time to let out stress and tension time and again. The speak commands allow you to decide when your Border Collie gets to bark for a little while.

How to Teach a Border Collie to Speak

There are two major methods you can use to teach your Border Collie to bark only on command. Method 1 is easier and it will be better if to start off with it. If the method doesn’t work for your Border Collie, you can try method 2.

Method #1

  • Find out the kind of treat your Border Collie loves. Don’t use some crummy or hard treats that your dog won’t even bother about. The treat should be something very delicious that will get your Collie excited. Normally, any kind of meat will do the magic. Once you have the treat, you can begin teasing your dog with it.
  • As your Border Collie is becoming more excited over the treat, begin acting excited as well. Pull the treat away from the dog’s reach and command him to speak in an excited voice. As soon as your dog barks for you, give him the treat.
  • At this point, your Border Collie is becoming very impatient because he want the treat. Most dogs will end up letting out a bark or two, letting you know how much they want the treat. Patiently wait for that moment and don’t stop saying the word “speak”.
  • Once your Border Collie barks, don’t delay to give him the treat as well as some praise. Also ensure that you tell him “good speak” so that he can associate the speak command and barking. You can try this two more times before taking a break.
  • For your Border Collie to master this command, keep practicing it as frequent as possible. If your dog barks before the speak command, he may end up thinking that he needs to do so to be given a treat in return.

Method #2

If you’re reading this part, then your Border Collie didn’t become as impatient as he ought to have been. Don’t worry, he can still learn the command but you’ll have to trick him so that he can bark for you. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Find an object that you think will make your Border Collie bark. It can be a squeaky toy, a ringing doorbell or a knock on the door.
  • Once you find your Collie’s weakness, you can start using it to your benefit. Mimic whatever makes your Border Collie to bark and immediately say “speak”.
  • As soon as your dog barks, give him a treat and praise him as well. Don’t forget to reward his actions by saying “good speak”. Keep practicing the command until you no longer need to trick your Border Collie into barking on command.

With the methods mentioned above, your Border Collie will be able to learn and master the “speak” command within no time. The earlier you begin teaching him this, the faster he’ll learn what to do. Don’t force your dog to learn this trick. Otherwise, he may end up developing some behavior problems.

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