I am excited to introduce you to Doggy Dan. I’ve known Dan for a couple of years now and we are good friends. Dan is a well known dog trainer in New Zealand. I met him in Houston last year and was impressed with his knowledge on Border Collie dog training. Dan helped me with things such as house training my Collie puppies and making them stop pulling the leash.

I am excited to announce to you that Dan has just released a series of dog training videos that I believe you will find useful. Dan reached out to me to have a look at the videos, and to be honest, I was impressed.  The videos are what I needed when I first got my Collies. If I had the videos, I would not have the many problems I’ve had to deal with in the course of living with my Collies.

I’m excited to announce that Dan is offering his series of training videos for FREE exclusively to subscribers of my blog. That means you! Yay! Yay! I literally had to beg Dan to let you have the videos for free, and he agreed since we’ve been friend for a long time. Here is an introduction to the free dog training videos you will receive:

Interested in the rest of the puppy training videos? Get them below before the offer is gone forever!

Get the FREE Video Training Series by Doggy Dan