How to Stop Border Collie Destructive Chewing

If your Border Collie has developed the habit of destructive chewing, he can become an expensive pet to keep. You will have to say goodbye to all your nice shoes, clothes and furniture unless you do something to deal with your Collie’s behavior problem.

Your tablet, phone and remote control are just the perfect size for your Collie to transform them into chew toys. Until you deal with your dog’s destructive behavior, make sure that all your valuables are out of reach. This is for your own good and your Collie’s safety.

How to Stop Border Collie Chewing

Just like every other dog behavior issues, there are different causes and reasons for your Border Collie’s destructive chewing. The first step of dealing with the problem is to understand why your Collie is chewing the things he is not supposed to. Once you figure out what is causing the problem, look for a solution.

The following are some of the reasons why your Border Collie may have developed the destructive chewing habit.

i) Border Collie chews out of boredom

If your Border Collie only chews things when he is left alone at home, he is probably doing it out of boredom. Your Collie probably feels lonely while you’re away and the best way he can keep himself busy is by chewing your shoes, clothes or furniture.

Every dog owner can tell when their dog is aware when they do something wrong. This is because they become guilty. If you find your dog curled up under the table with a piece of the chewed up shoe and his tail is between his legs, he knows that he did something wrong and is feeling guilty about it. However, if your Collie comes to greet you and is acting as if nothing happened, he probably isn’t aware that chewing on your shoe is wrong.

If your dog is always guilty but still chews things he is not supposed to, find other things to keep him busy while you’re away. You can either give him some chewable treats or toys to keep him occupied. This will help keep your furniture, shoes and clothes in good condition. As long as your Collie is busy doing something else, he will not chew your items.

ii) Border Collie that chews out of stress

One of the best ways for Border Collies to relieve stress is by chewing. If your Collie is anxious or worried about something, chewing helps him to ease his mind. Anxiety and stress can be brought about when your dog has been left for a long time without enough activity during the day. The Collie can also get anxious if he keeps hearing strange sounds and noises coming from outside the house.

If your dog’s destructive chewing is due to stress, figure out why he is stressed and try solving the problem. Does your Border Collie get enough exercise during the day? Does your dog suffer from anxiety simply because he was left alone at home?

Taking your Collie out for a walk or run is one of the best ways of ensuring that he is tired. Exercises can also be used to relieve stress. Make time to take your dog to the park or even around the block to exercise his body and mind.

iii) A Puppy that chews because he doesn’t know any better

You shouldn’t expect your puppy to know if they are allowed to chew on things or not when you haven’t trained them. Puppies aren’t born with the ability to know the difference between their chew toys and your expensive shoes or furniture.

If you catch your Border Collie in the act of chewing things he is not supposed to, use the opportunity to let him know that he is doing something wrong. You can do this by getting his attention, telling him “No” and then making him concentrate on the things he is allowed to chew on like his toys.

If you walk in and find your Collie busy chewing your clothes or shoes, the first thing you should do is to get his attention using a firm and loud voice. Immediately he turns to look at you in surprise, proceed to tell him “No” and quickly grab the shoe from his possession as you replace it with a chew toy. When your Collie gets engaged in his chew toy, make sure you praise him for the action with a pat on his head along with a “good boy”.

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