How to Stop Border Collie Pulling on Lead

Want to learn how to stop Border Collie pulling on lead? Read on.

The fastest way of ruining a nice and peaceful walk is by having a dog that cannot stop pulling the leash. No one would like to be dragged around the neighborhood by their Border Collie because it simply doesn’t want to be tied with a leash.

How to Stop Border Collie Pulling on Lead

There are various reasons why your Collie may be pulling on his leash. Understanding what makes your dog pull the leash is the first step to knowing why he doesn’t listen to you. This will help you solve your leash problem.

Below are some reasons why a Border Collie may be pulling the leash.

i) Pulling on the Leash out of Excitement

This is one of the main reasons why Border Collies pull the leash. Your dog may be overwhelmed by the sounds, new scents and unfamiliar surroundings. This may make him begin pulling the leash, making you run in all directions. If your Collie puppy looks overwhelmed or excited when you are taking him for a walk, over excitement may be the issue.

To stop your Border Collie from pulling the leash, take him for frequent walks offs. If you are going out more frequently, your Collie won’t feel overwhelmed and excited to start pulling the leash. Going out for a walk won’t seem like a special occasion to him. So, you won’t need to feel anxious since it would have become his daily routine.

ii) Pulling on the Leash out of Fear

Some dogs can be scared of other people, cars or loud noises. If your Border Collie seems anxious or is constantly turning his head because of unfamiliar sounds, he may be afraid.

If your Border Collie is scared, you have to be more sensitive with him. Don’t force him to go to scary and unfamiliar places without his consent. Instead, introduce him to different places and surroundings but at his own pace. You can begin by taking your Collie to calm environments such as the park and try introducing him to new things. Your Border Collie is bound to learn that new situations are not meant to be scary.

iii) Dominant Leash Pulling

If your Border Collie feels like the “alpha dog” of a pack, he is likely going to take control of the walk. If the dog is showing early sings of dominance problems and is always pulling on the leash, then you should first deal with his dominant behavior.

Take control of the situation and show your Border Collie that you are the leader and are in charge. Avoid using any abusive or harsh methods suggested in some outdated websites and guide books. Instead, use tactics that will help solve your Collie’s dominance problems without him having to hate you.

If you want your Border Collie to be a healthy and happy dog, he will need proper care and the right obedience training. Look for the right training methods and provide the best care for him. For the best cure for your dog’s behavior difficulties, check out the Border Collie Owners Guide.

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