5 Tips for Training a Border Collie Puppy Not to Bite

One of the challenges many people have is training a Border Collie puppy not to bite. In this article, you’ll learn 5 training tips for stopping this problem.

Many people who own Border Collie puppies find it difficult to make the pets stop biting. You might have experienced it when you were playing with your puppy and after some time, he gets very excited and without knowing, bites you. The puppy biting problem can also happen when you are playing in the yard. You may begin running and your Collie puppy starts chasing you while biting your legs.

This is a common problem with most Border Collie puppies. Though you may love playing with your Collie puppy, the frequent biting habit can really spoil your fun. Moreover, your clothes will be filled with holes from the puppy bites.

Normally, your puppy will outgrow the biting habit as he grows older and becomes an adult. However, if your puppy doesn’t learn that biting is not part of playing, he can continue with the bad habit into his adult life. Make sure you do something about the biting and stop it before it gets out of hand.

Why Your Border Collie Puppy is Biting You

In many ways, Border Collie puppies are similar to children. They are very playful, curious and a tad silly. Unfortunately, the common games puppies love to play often include barking, growling and biting. This is because since the puppy was born, all the games he played with his siblings included play fight and chasing. So, when your puppy gets excited and is playing with you, he remembers the kind of games he used to play with fellow puppies and would like to “show” them to you. However, the best way to show you the game is by biting your feet or hands.

Generally, a puppy will learn that biting hurts others and that no one would want to play with them if they do so during playtime with their siblings. When one Collie puppy bites another puppy very hard, the one that was bitten yelps in pain and will stop playing with the puppy that bit him. At first, the biter may not understand why the game stopped. However, after several other games where this happens, he will learn biting fellow puppies very hard ends the game and so he will stop.

However, if the puppy is separated from his siblings at an early age, he won’t get to learn that biting is bad. This means that your puppy will continue biting you while playing until you stop him. Luckily, there are numerous ways of training your Collie puppy to stop biting.

Training a Border Collie Puppy Not to Bite

There are a number of methods you can use to help stop your Collie puppy from biting. The following tips have worked for most puppy owners wishing to stop their Border Collies from biting them while playing.

Training Tip 1

If your puppy bites you while you were playing, stop the game immediately. Try to make it clear to him why you stopped the game. As soon as your puppy bites you, stop the game, turn away and carry along whatever toy you were playing with. This will help your Collie puppy to learn that biting ends play time for both of you.

Training Tip 2

Once your puppy bites you, try to yell out in pain. This is the same way puppies act among themselves and it often works. The downside to this method is that you will probably look foolish to someone who doesn’t know what you are doing.

Training Tip 3

Avoid playing aggressive games. As much as your Border Collie might love playing fight with you, try coming up with other kinds of games that your puppy may enjoy. Aggressive games such as playing fight, tug of war and keep away will encourage your Collie to bite you.

Training Tip 4

Make sure that you are consistent with your training methods. Whether you yell out or immediately stop playing with your Collie puppy after he bites you, be consistent with it so that he will understand what you are doing.

Training Tip 5

Tell your friends and other family members to follow suit. Your training methods will be more effective if everybody else is using them too. Your Border Collie will also learn much faster that biting people while playing is not acceptable behavior.

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