These Are the Best Velcro Toys for Dogs

You can use toys to interact with your buddies. Velcro toys are ideal for dogs that like ripping and pulling things apart without destroying them. It’s important to know specific toys that suit your dogs needs without spending a lot of money buying them. You also need to go for durable Velcro toys for dogs to avoid replacing them all the time.

This article highlights some of the best Velcro toys for dogs, their benefits, and factors to consider when shopping for one.

Dogs and Velcro Toys

Dogs can rip apart toys made of Velcro materials without necessarily breaking them. Velcro typically allows you to detach and attach parts of the toy when the dog pulls them apart and reattach comfortably after it’s disassembled. Velcro toys for dogs are also known as rippable or pull-apart dog toys.

dog playing with velcro toys

You can use Velcro toys if your dog loves to chew. Getting the wrong dog toys will have you spending a lot of money. Some toys don’t even last ten minutes as they easily break when the dog plays with them.

Velcro toys are normally combined with plush toys. It therefore means that the dog can comfortably sleep while cuddling their toys and chew when awake. These toys are ideal for different dog sizes and breeds. In this case, you should know the type of dog you have before investing in any toy.

Velcro toys don’t work well for aggressive and destructive chewers since they tend to tear and rip them apart in seconds. However, you can teach your dog not to destroy toys. It may take a while but pays off in the long run. They are perfect for gentle toy chewers.

Velcro toys are the best since dogs can rip them apart and once they are done, you can repeatedly assemble them to their original form. They additionally provide an excellent sound when ripped and most dogs like it especially when playing with the toys.

Importance of Dog Toys

Toys help dogs to exercise the mind and body. Playing with the toys usually build independence. Dogs are not meant to be alone since they are pack animals. Besides, it’s not possible to be with your dog all the time due to work, busy schedules, and life commitments.

Velcro toys are a great way of keeping your dog distracted and entertained when you are not home. Dog toys usually help them learn to have fun on their own. When you go to work, ensure you leave your dogs with enough toys to break the monotony so that they don’t get bored. Some dogs love Velcro toys that they’ll even hand them to you to reattach for them to continue playing.

Additionally, dogs’ toys prevent them from some destructive behaviors and barking excessively. Puppies that chew continually will use the toys on their reach and not go for alternative things.

If you provide your dog with Velcro toys you wouldn’t have to worry about them chewing on your shoes, couch, or other household stuff. However, you need a variety so that they don’t get disinterested playing with the same toy for a long time.

What’s more, you will love watching your dog detaching the toy’s limbs and reattaching when they give you. Besides, providing your dogs with toys will make them love you more.

When you allocate some playtime with the dog, it tends to create a bond between the two of you. Your little buddy will associate it with excitement and fun thereby creating a positive relationship.

Best Velcro Toys for Dogs

Here are some of the best Velcro toys for dogs in the market:

#1. ZippyPaws Velcro Plush Dog Toy

Play Bugger Rippable Velcro Plush Dog Toy


The toy can be ripped in three different parts and looks quite delicious. It’s simple for ease of use and comes with a filling and two buns. The ZippyPawz Plush is double stitched with the joints cross-stitched for durability.

ZippyPaws additionally features an in-built squeaker that guarantees to get the dog’s attention when playing with it. Squeaker toys work well for dogs with stronger prey drives such as Afghans, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Weimaraner, Australian Cattle Dogs, Whippets, Siberian Huskies, Beagles, Basenjis, Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds, Dobermans, Terriers, and Bullmastiffs.

The toy is made of non-toxic materials and meets baby infant toys standards. It measures 4.3 inches in width and length and 3.93 inches in height.

#2. Rippys Interactive Pull Apart Dog Toy – Cow


When it comes to Velcro toys for dogs, this one guarantees value for your money. It’s strong and doesn’t break easily. The toy comes in a dinosaur design just like the name suggests.

The toy features a rope balled as the tail offering the dog a choice on the part to chew on. It additionally has four detachable legs. It’s perfect for chewers and puppies. The toy is made with a sturdy and durable material.

Test the toy first before giving it to an aggressive chewer which means supervising the dog when playing with it. Before leaving the house, ensure you subject your dog to test with the Velcro toys especially for the aggressive chewers. Rippys Interactive Pull Apart Dog Toy measures 12 × 8 × 4 inches in length, height, and width respectively.

#3. Clean Run Lotus Ball

Clean Run Lotus Ball


Clean run is a dog’s Velcro ball. For treat-dispensing Velcro toys for dogs, this is the best alternative. To add fun while training them, you can always use it as a reward-based toy. The ball has three different parts and each features a Velcro lining. This allows the dog to get the treats inside the ball without interfering with the toy.

The ball features a nylon webbing at the bottom making it easy to attach to ropes, handles, and leashes. Besides, you can take it on walks if you attach the leash properly towards the ball’s end. Clean Run Lotus Ball is not a chew toy. You can give it to your dog when you get home or use it as a reward after a training session.

The ball comes in two different sizes, medium and small. The smaller one measures 3.5 inches while the medium one is 4 inches. What’s more, you can easily hand wash the ball if it gets dirty. You can loosen the Velcro’s grip if you find it too hard.

#4. Tearribles Velcro Toy

Tearribles Velcro Toy


Tearribles come in three different designs and sizes. They are:

The smallest one is in yellow with detachable eyes, tail, and legs. The toy is 5 inches tall.

The medium one is green and is around nine inches tall. It features detachable arms, legs, tail, and ears.

The extra large one measures 14 inches tall and comes with detachable ears, tail, arms, and legs.

The toys have a cotton mesh lining for more sturdiness and durability. However, they are still not ideal for aggressive chewers. Tearribles have squeakers inside that keeps them in place. They are also easy to wash giving you more playtime with the puppies.

Tearribles provide more fun time, bonding time, and both mental and physical exercise for the dog. This helps lower destructive behaviors in future.

#5. Rippy’s Pull-Apart Dog Toys

Rippy’s Pull-Apart Dog Toys


Rippy’s Dog toys comes in five different animal designs: lion, cow, pig, elephant, and worm. The toys are rippable as they can break apart in six parts. They are perfect for dogs that like ripping into toys.

The dog toy is seven inches tall and the head, legs, and arms are detachable. You can use the Velcro strips to reattach them. Besides, they operate with a battery which enables them produce animal sounds when the dog hits the right spot.

However, you will need to supervise the dog when playing with toys as they can swallow the batteries in the toys. The toy is triple-stitched for durability when the dogs rips it apart. What’s more, it’s easily washable and dries quickly allowing the dog to have more playtime.

It would be best if you kept an eye on the dog during its playtime as each one plays differently and Velcro toys are not the same. Remember, some dog toys can still be destroyed. It would help if you get rid of the damaged toys so that your dog doesn’t play with them.


Toys play an important part in a dog’s life. Dogs usually have great energies and giving them appropriate toys to play with will help tame them and avoid unwanted chewing in the house. You will not have to worry about them destroying and tearing the toys when it comes to Velcro toys for dogs. You only need to reattach them together and the dog can continue having fun.


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