Why Does My Border Collie Growl at Me?

It doesn’t matter if your Border Collie is growling at other people or you; this behavior is not good. No dog owner would like to have a dog that is always growling at them. If your dog is growling at other people, this may be a warning sign that should be taken seriously.

Why Does My Border Collie Growl at Me?

However, just because your dog is growling does not necessarily mean it is aggressive. Your Border Collie can be growling for various reasons. Some reasons can be quite dangerous than others. The following are some of the reasons why your Collie can be growling at people:

  • Playfulness
  • Aggression
  • Dominance Problems
  • Defensive Warning

Dealing with a Growling Border Collie

Depending on why your Border Collie is growling, you will have to respond depending on the kind of situation you’re in. Don’t forget to be careful when dealing with a growling Border Collie. However, growling is normally a warning meaning that “you should not provoke me” or something bad is happening.

Here are some reasons why your Border Collie may be growling:


If you’re suspecting that your Border Collie’s growling is because of aggression, move away. Don’t move anywhere close to your dog. At the same time, don’t run away. Staying confident and calm as you try to find a way to get yourself from the situation. Go to a place where your dog won’t manage to reach and bite you.

Defensive Growling

If your Border Collie is concerned or feels threatened, he will growl to let you know you should back off. Don’t approach or tease your Collie when he feels threatened. If you move close to the dog, he can bite. Give your dog some space so that he can feel better. Avoid forceful interaction if your Collie doesn’t want any.

Dominance Problems

A dominant dog may seem to be growling out of aggression. However, he may simply be doing it to remain dominant. The Collie may be is trying to gain the position as the “Alpha dog”. If your Border Collie is growling because you’re trying to take something from them or pushing him off the couch, this is a sign that he has dominance problems. You can solve your dog’s dominance problems by initiating positive reinforcement and training.

Playful Growling

Dogs are fond of growling while playing. You shouldn’t be concerned even when the growls sound a bit mean. However, if things become a bit heated, your Border Collie may bite you somewhat hard because he is excited. The best way you can prevent playful growling is by avoiding aggressive games. For example, avoid playing tug of war and keep away.


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