Border Collie Poop Eating

Why is my dog eating poop all of a sudden? I found this question on Quora and wanted to give an answer. The answer is related to Border Collies but applies to any dog breed.

But before we start, I hope no one is eating while reading this article since it may become a little grossed out. Dog poop eating is not a common challenge. However, some Collie owners struggle with their dogs that are trying to eat poop. Besides the habit being gross, it can also be very dangerous to your Border Collie.

Why is My Dog Eating Poop All of a Sudden?

The diseases and bacteria in feces can really be harmful to your Collie puppy. If your Border Collie is also eating poop from other animals such as cats, other dogs and birds, then you have a  big problem.

If your Border Collie is a mother that eats her puppies’ poop, you have no cause to worry. This is completely normal behavior. Mother dogs will often eat their little ones feces to get rid of the smell which can attract predators. However, if this is not the case, you should then try to resolve your Collie’s poop eating problem before it is too late.

Make sure that whenever you catch your Collie eating poop, say “drop it” or “no” in a commanding voice, and then stop him from continuing. Make it clear to your Collie that eating feces is not a good act. Instead, give it a treat to eat or a chew toy to play with. Also, don’t forget to praise him for eating his treat.

You should also try to figure out the reason behind your Collie’s poop eating habit. Is your dog’s diet nutritious enough? Is your Collie getting all the vitamins he needs? If you are cooking your dog’s food at home, ensure that you have added some good multivitamin to the meal.

If you are fond of leaving your Border Collie unsupervised when he’s in the backyard, it would be best that you check for feces before allowing him to go outside. You wouldn’t like to let your Collie get into a messy situation while you are not there to stop him.

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